Crowd Funding


  • Solicit on behalf of the start-up to raise resources, which are worth investing to-be scaled-up for the good of mankind.

  • Investing groups are contacted and facilitated to invest in the startup, where the equitable investment leads to share in the profitability of the venture.

  • Sufficient gestation is required for investors to reap benefit.


  • All investments are pooled for enterprise development

  • All investors have the option but limited, to sell their allotted share among the other existing investors, within the start-up.

  • It’s the prime responsibility of the startup to judiciously deploy the resources under the guided progression of the germinating firm’s requirement and cost of maintenance is liability of start-up.

  • As the operation and accountability will rest with the Startup, all assets procured will be under the rightful ownership of InnoCulture, as angel investor.

Note : InnoCulture is into Crowd funding and Angel investing with a good intention. Hence, all investments drawn should be devoid of any breach whatsoever, and InnoCulture will not be liable for any damages, including direct, indirect, incidental, and consequential, leading to loss of reputation or monetary impact. Assests will be protected with noble sense by InnoCulture as its property, while any contra use by another party including third party, will abdicate InnoCulture and make the Startup fully exposed for all the shortfalls and penalties.